1. Full Eye Exam
  2. Spectacle Lenses
  3. Contact Lenses
  4. Repairs, Adjustments and Accessories

Full Eye Exam

The healthcare of your eyes is our main aim at Truscott, Hamilton & Thompson Optometrists.

Not only will we give you the best vision possible during the eye exam but importantly we examine the health of your eyes. Our optometrists will look for any eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and then discuss and advise the appropriate course of action.

We cater for all ages.

A further consultation using a Medmont visual field analyser can determine any subtle changes within the visual field which may indicate eye disease like glaucoma, or indicate more serious disease associated with eyes and vision.


Spectacle Lenses

Once an eye exam has revealed your vision requirements we will discuss with you the most appropriate spectacle lenses. This ranges from single vision lenses to correct near or far vision problems, to more technical progressive lenses to correct near and far vision needs within the same lens. Further discussion will give consideration to the lens options available regarding the thinness, a changing or permanent tint, or anti-reflection coatings.

To compliment your choice of spectacle lenses, we will endeavour to find the right frame for needs and fashion. We have vast range of quality fashion frame eyewear from most leading design labels to budget eyewear. If any designer label frame is not stocked we may still be able to access these frames through our network of frame suppliers.


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a viable alternative to spectacles and may suit your lifestyle and fashion needs. In some cases contact lenses give better visual performance and are more appropriate for sports. We have access to all major contact lens producers to ensure the most appropriate type of contact lenses for the best visual perfomance, comfort and lifestyle demands to suit your vision and eyes. The most popular disposable soft contact lenses are available in one-day, fortnightly or monthly wear for occasional or more frequent use. For those of you who require progressive spectacle lenses to see both near and far vision, there are multifocal contact lenses or a combination of near and far contact lenses which may achieve a similar result. Coloured contact lenses are also available if on an occasional basis you wish to change or enhance your present eye colour.

An initial consultation will determine the best option for you, and a subsequent customised contact lens fitting package which includes the initital consultation, contact lens dispensing consultation and two further visits to ensure all is well with vision, comfort and handling is available. Yearly consultations are needed to maintain best vision and ensure continuous comfort and health of the eyes thereafter.

Contact lenses can be purchased by advising us before your current supply runs out and contact lens care solutions are available in each practice.


Repairs, Adjustments and Accessories

In most cases minor repairs and adjustments can be done within the practices, otherwise more technical repairs will be sent to our technician to complete within one to two days.

Often adjustments of spectacle frames purchased from the practice will be free of charge to ensure on-going comfort of your spectacle wear.

Spectacle accessories like cases, cleaning cloths, cleaning solutions and spectacle chains are available in each practice.



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